Leadership in Balance is a groundbreaking perspective on leadership written primarily for emerging and high potential leaders. Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Mike Lerario, a successful commander in combat and in peacetime, introduces his Fulcrum-centric Leadership™ model and outlines simple but powerful strategies for success in any leadership situation, empowering leaders to find balance and achieve results.

The concept of Fulcrum-centric Leadership™ stems from Mike’s experiences in the military working with soldiers and as a consultant working with scientists, engineers and project managers. While most things in life can be described as binary—on or off; hard or soft; light or dark—those conditions are really the extreme ends of a domain and what happens in reality is usually found someplace in-between. The key to success as a leader is to find the balancing point between the extremes as the situation changes.

Mike explains the four essential leadership domains, teaches you to identify and understand your natural tendencies with the Leadership Fulcrum Assessment© and arms you with the knowledge and skills needed to “be the fulcrum”® as your leadership situation changes.

Leadership in Balance is available on Amazon or you can purchase it here directly. You can also begin your journey to better self-awareness by taking the Leadership Fulcrum Assessment© at the link in the menu bar.

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