Hire Mike to deliver the keynote address at your next event or conference; his dynamic style and passion for leadership will have your audience energized and ready to improve their skills as a leader no matter what position they hold in your organization. Engage Mike to talk about Fulcrum-Centric Leadership™ and learn how to become a great leader by learning how to “be the fulcrum.”®

Mike draws from an extensive career as a soldier and from years of successful consulting and coaching relationships to make the connection between success in the military and success in any business operating in a challenging and dynamic environment.

Click on the links below to see some of Mike’s previous keynote addresses and speeches.

The Difference between "Leader" and "Leadership"

This video comes from Mike Lerario's discussion of "Leadership, Discipline and Teamwork" at the City G.E.A.R. headquarters in Memphis, TN on February 7th, 2017.
Why Teamwork Matters

A discussion of Why Teamwork Matters for an organizations success. From City G.E.A.R. All Hands event in Memphis, TN February 7, 2017
Introduction to Fulcrum-Centric Leadership

Mike Lerario provides an introduction to his Fulcrum-Centric Leadership model as part of his keynote address to leaders at City G.E.A.R headquarters in Memphis, TN on February 7th 2017
Sherwin Williams Kickoff

Sherwin-Williams Florida Kickoff Meeting 28 January 2017. Mike Lerario presents his discussion of "Leadership, Discipline and Teamwork" to the Sherwin-WIlliams Florida Area DSC & CTS for their 2017 goals and ob...